"Lenny" The 10 Sleeper Homeless bus

10 Bed Homeless Shelter

Lenny the 10 sleeper homeless bus, built to sleep 10 homeless & 1 member of staff, actually slept 15 over Christmas with 4 on the floor!

Bought as a standard red London bus, we stripped it out, gave it a respray. The conversion was over a 10 month period, built at a cost of just over £34,000 the bus was built with the very best of tech to ensure it lasts for over 10 years and most importantly with safety in mind, The cost may seem high but when you take into consideration how much it would cost to for a property large enough to house 10, rent or purchase price , council tax, the cost of the bus broken down over 10 years is relatively low.

Cost per person: £100 a week per person running at full capacity of 10, this includes 3 meals a day, daily showers, clean clothes, mentoring, conselling, life skill courses, daily progression plans, and a one-on-one personal key worker to help find suitable accommodation, on average we are housing our clients within three weeks of first contact. 

So what can "Lenny do?"

So far this past 6 months of operation we have provided over 1500 warm beds and shelter to the homeless. but we're not just a shelter! We have a strong motivation to get the guys engaged back into mainstream society, his is facilitated by our "progression plan" which is done daily with a one-on-one key worker and mentor, we asses the individual needs of our clients and put a "plan" of action together to get them the help needed to structure and rebuild what are sometimes very very broken lives, we also provide..

Counselling - Money management courses - Back to work groups - Parenting classes - Relationship classes - Addiction advice - Anger management - Personal life skills and even personal training via one of our partner gyms!

Our work doesn't stop there! having placed over 30 into the Christian rehab Betel.uk - 8 into full time work and 12 permanently housed! 

On top of that we organise fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers. 

Our team

 Michael Longsmith Volenteer CEO and Project manager.

 Siana Longsmith Secretary - bid writer - admin and Trustee.

David Thomas Trustee Treasurer. 

David Solway Trustee Chair. 

Sarah Willmott part time volunteer.

If you think you can help us advance our reach please support us by donation or becoming a sponsor so we can make a real difference in peoples lives, all donations go to advancing our cause.

Bus Spec's

2000 Model Volvo President, ex London bus, bought direct.

Converted by us to have, 10 bed pods, 1 staff bedroom, seating for 8 and a kitchen.


Power is supplied by 8 Solar panels generating 2000kw of charge power into 4 x Rolls batteries, all going into a 3000kw inverter, making sure the bus has all the power it needs on tap!  


Lighting is supplied by low energy 24v LED strips light throughout the bus, with upstairs having the option of turning blue for night time use, downstairs has 24hr floor lighting, lighting the exists.


Heating is state of the art with two x 4kw Diesel heaters controlled by electronic thermostats, making sure the bus stays above 18 degrees even when its -5 outside, designed to be simple, fume  free and safe, its all run automatically.


The whole bus is monitored remotely, from the temperature, co2 levels, even down to how much power is left in the batteries and whats draining them! 


Covers every angle inside and out of the bus, with text message alerts if activated, All images are stored on a cloud account and can be accessed anywhere at anytime.


Smoke, Co2 and cold temperature alarms notify us via Call and text if there is a problem.