Drugs Kill, Steal and Destroy lives!

Welcome to our "Anti drug" "Dangers of Drugs" campaign known as One pill Can Kill & Drugs R 4 Mugs.

Drugs cause so much damage and suffering in our world, you only have to ask the parents of the victims of drugs like 16yo Sky who died after taking an ecstasy pill.

 We believe getting the message across to children and young adults is the best was to prevent the spread of drug use and break the on going trend that drugs are "cool"

We have come up with a hard hitting video production and presentation designed to deliver a message on the dangers of drugs that will certainly leave the viewer informed, educated, and thinking twice before they use drugs! The video will be an short movie based on real life events in the UK featuring the stories of several teens that have died, including 16yo Sky who sadly died after pear pressure contributed to her swallowing ecstasy pills, the presentation will be "live" consisting of a talk by ex drugs users, addicts who have survived, parents of victims of those that died.

The entire presentation will be 1 hour long and designed with a 10-20min up to date modern video production that the youth can relate to, once the video has played its time for us to give the message "Drugs are NOT Cool" with a talk from a parent of a victim of drugs accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation showing graphic photos and statistics, followed by an ex drug dealer, drug addict and real life people that have had involvements with the drug scene...

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