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 We are a nonprofit organisation focused on  spreading the good news being the gospel of our Lord Jesus by giving our time to serve the homeless, drug addicts and sufferers of mental health, abuse, domestic abuse.

So far this past 18 months we have ran a 24hr helpline service, and during last winter Oct-April we  provided over 2100 warm beds and shelter to the homeless, housed over 50 and placed over 60 into christian rehabs.

We're not just a shelter! We have a strong motivation to get the guys engaged back into mainstream society and this is facilitated by our "progression plan" which is done daily with one on one mentoring, we asses the individual needs of our clients and put a "plan" of action together to get them the help needed to structure and rebuild what are sometimes very very broken lives. 

The 10 sleeper homeless bus shelter "Lenny" has been closed during the summer but we aim to get it back out this October, we need as much support as possible and desperately seek night staff volunteers (having no money to pay staff) we rely on volunteers, if we don't get enough the bus may be at risk of not going out. If you can become a volunteer please contact us asap 0800 246 1711 Ceo@caap.org.uk

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For shelter, help and advice with homelessness & Addictions stay right here

For Advice and help for parents, teachers  or even friends worried about a child or adult taking drugs click below

or call 0800 2461711 

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Our foundations

Our soul purpose as Christians and The Ark Project is to share the good news which is Jesus Christ & what it means to know and have a relationship with him, Jesus being God, through our works and sacrifice of self we show Gods love to the most vulnerable and unloved, the homeless and addicts, easily found and identifiable we set our goals on them... The Ark Project homeless shelter bus is one way we show love in a world which is very selfish, we are called to serve others, Jesus is our Lord

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